Photorizon is here to help you meet all your image needs for your business. Architectural photography allows you to showcase your offices or buildings, while the corporate portrait puts forward the human quality of your company, whether it’s the charisma of their leader or the know-how of their employees . In addition, we can also photograph your products to facilitate their sale. These photos can then be used to illustrate your website, financial statements or advertise. This is much better than a generic photo bought in a picture bank! It is your company, your people and your personalized products that are seen.




Whether it is for your home or the office, it is important to have a pleasant and stimulant living environment. Photorizon offers a wide variety of stunning photographs taken from trips made abroad. You can admire the architecture of big cities such as Paris and New York, or even magnificent Icelandic landscapes. To possess a photograph of the genre goes beyond the simple choice of decoration, it is also making the choice to support a local artist rather than a big chain. Visit our shop!




  • Travelling Iceland || The Golden Circle

    The Golden Circle, an unforgettable must To make the most of an Icelandic trip, you should visit the Golden Circle, which is home to the three most popular tourist attractions in Iceland. First, discover the Þingvellir National Park (pronounced Thingvellir in english) and then explore the Geysir geothermal site in the Haukadalur valley and the …

  • Travelling Iceland || Reykjavik: first day of exploration

    Great discorveries even on grey days Upon arrival in Reykjavik, we notice the cold spring temperatures, which are usual for the region (around 5 degrees Celsius), but we are soon surprised by the 35mph wind gusts. There’s something to beat! In addition to the magnificent landscapes of the Icelandic capital, there are several wonders such …

  • Monoawards 2016: Honorable mentions

    Big crop this year at the Monoawards, an international black and white photography competition where I measured against 8000 participants from 81 countries around the world.

  • Exhibition: Clin d’oeil at New York

    Exhibition Clin d’Oeil on New York by Étienne Gagné at Library of Greenfield Park January 12th to Febuary 12th.