Travelling Iceland || Snaefellsness Peninsula

If our last ticket convinced you to take the road to the west of Akureyri and you made all the way from Norðurland eystra to Vesturland, you must absolutely enjoy a day to go around the Peninsula of Snaefellsness to Stykkisholmur. After braving the difficult road, give yourself some time to rest and discover the beautiful Icelandic landscape once again.

Discovering the Peninsula

Starting from Hellnar, you will first meet the impressive rock of Londrangar that stands out with its sinister look. Following a small detour on a gravel road you will arrive at the Ondverdarnes site. You will know for sure that you have arrived when you observe the lighthouse which is the most westerly point of Iceland. As a result, you will discover the Fálki well just before setting foot on the beautiful sandy beach of Skardsvik, both located nearby.

A foodie trip

Before arriving in Stykkisholmur, be sure to take advantage of your road trip to make a quick stop at a gas station, yes yes, a service station, to buy a delicious smoked lamb sandwich. As you have surely guessed, the Icelandic journey is also a gourmet trip. Do not just enjoy the dish in your car, do it at the foot of the Kirkjufellsfoss fall. This name, which means “Fall of the Mountain Church”, refers to a small waterfall at the bottom of the Grundarfjordur, close to the road to Stykkisholmur.