Travelling Iceland || Hraunfossar and Barnafoss

After touring the Snaefellsness Peninsula, be sure to make a few stops on your return to the capital Reykjavík, as the trip is unfortunately coming to an end. As you may have seen from our “Travelling Iceland” series, our Icelandic course was marked by a number of discoveries, all of them more inspiring than the last.

While passing near Reykholt, make a detour to a stop at Hraunfossar and Barnafossar Falls. The peculiarity of Hraunfossar whose name means “lava waterfalls” is that the water gushes from a lava field named Grahraun to throw itself into the Hvítá, a few tens of meters after Barnafossar. Legend has it that two young boys from a nearby farm, Hraunsás, had a day without the supervision of their parents. The latter at the local church had asked their children to wait for their return home, but these children did their thing. Using a shortcut, the kids crossed a natural stone arch that spans the Barnafoss Falls. They fell into the torrent just below and died. The crying mother cast a bad spell on the arch of stones swearing that anyone crossing it would drown in the water. The stone bridge collapsed sometime after during an earthquake.

In order to finish your journey on a good note, take a shortcut under the fjord named Hvalfjörður, under which passes a long tunnel that is almost 6 kilometers long and whose maximum depth is 165 meters. This tunnel opened in 1998 has shortened the journey between the capital and the northern and western parts of the Icelandic island by around 50 minutes. Finally, enjoy your last moments in Reykjavik taking a boat trip to observe the whales, eat in one of the charming restaurants of the city and above all, to stock up on gifts for you and your loved ones!

We hope you enjoyed our series of tickets to Iceland and that they were able to help you design your own travel itinerary. Feel free to share your Icelandic photos with us with the #photorizon. Stay tuned on our networks to discover our great Icelandic contest coming soon!