Travelling Iceland || Nordurland to Vesturland

In our last post, we unveiled the wonders of the Akureyri region. Obviously, the trip is not finished at all! After a peaceful night in this corner of the country, you can take the road to the west. You will cross the regions of Norðurland eystra, Norðurland vestra and Vesturland towards the peninsula Snaefellsness.

What an adventure!

Be careful, the road to the peninsula is not easy. It is a very long road and we also recommend sleeping on the way to enjoy the landscape. Some shortcuts are unpaved roads, a 4×4 vehicle is recommended. By cutting your route in half, it will give you the opportunity to ride on an Icelandic horse. These little beasts are famous in competition because they have kept 5 paces while the horses from elsewhere have only 3 or 4. There is certainly something to impress you.

From road to mountain

You can also enjoy brief stops on the road to taste delicious smoked salmon bagel for example or simply to appreciate the great landscape that unfolds before your eyes. If our course was clouded by rainy and foggy weather, we still enjoyed a soothing stop between the mountains in the middle of nowhere. Do not hesitate to discover our landscape photographs which marked this peninsular detour by consulting the carousel of images at the very end of this post!