Travelling Iceland || Goðafoss and Akureyri

After visiting the Lake Mývatn region and enjoying its thermal waters, take a short drive to the charming town of Akureyri, also known as the northern capital. Here you can admire the architecture of the Akureyrarkirkja Church, as well as the Lystigardurinn (Arctic Botanical Gardens). Take advantage of this to discover the center of the city. Everything can be done on the walking, which allows you to appreciate the visit, make sure you bring good shoes!

Discovering Goðafoss

On the way to Akureyri, do not miss the incredible Goðafoss fall, one of the most famous in Iceland. It is located on the river Skjálfandafljót and falls from a height of 12 meters. There is something to be dizzy! Its width of 30 meters is more than impressive. A small path allows you to admire the waterfall on both sides, so you can see it in all its splendor.

Iceland: Myth and Legend

It is said that in the year 1000, the Alþing (the Icelandic parliament) decided to convert to Christianity. Returning to his hometown, the law-monger Þorgeir Þorkelsson set an example for his fellow citizens by throwing from the top of the fall all the idols of the Norse religion of the Vikings. Since that time, the fall is called Fall of the gods.


Akureyri: walking and eating

If you have the chance to enter the Akureyrarkirkja Church, do it! Unfortunately, when we went, it was impossible to enter, but the exterior architecture promises that the interior is also majestic! To relieve us of the deception of not being able to enter the Church, we discovered the little restaurant T-Bone which is nearby where the town center is. You will have guessed with the name that this is a restaurant that offers meat dishes, including a delicious burger of Dutch beef served very rare, that has satisfied us after so much walking! The Icelandic menu contains a lot of lamb and fish, but since there is not a lot of beef in the region, the country has to import it. It was nice to make a change from the local delicacies.

While exploring the Akureyri region, rest assured that you are visiting one of the most interesting town of Iceland. You will have the opportunity to meditate in front of the Goðafoss fall, to discover beautiful landscapes and an impressive architecture and to excite your taste buds with a warm and comforting meal!